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Sharing my Top Tips

Quite some time ago now, I started up a little sister site to this Cherry Heart blog of mine, called 'Crochet Corner'.  It's a kind of 'How To' repository for all kinds of handy crochet know how.  I have photo tutorials for all the main stitches there, as well as a lot of useful techniques and a few basic patterns too.
I also started a 'Top Tips' section way back in 2016 and added a post all about ways of 'Keeping Granny Squares Straight'.  I'd always planned to share more of these tips with you, but one thing nearly always leads to another and, well, here we are.
Anyway, the other day I found sitting in drafts another little post full of Top Tips.  This one was all about how I usually make the arduous task of working into pesky starting chains an altogether easier and more pleasant experience.  So I thought I may as well dally no longer and let it out into the world.
I've popped over on the Crochet Corner site for you,  the link is below.

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